Your Customer Service Management Partner

Some of Our Services



Our preference would be to facilitate learning/training sessions informed by needs already identified. However, for all intents and purposes, we would gladly indulge your preferences without compromising our guaranteed quality of content and delivery.  We are experienced, versatile, vast and skilled enough to deliver top-quality learning experiences on the widest range of Customer Service and related topics to all cadre of staff. Let’s work with you to impart, entrench and derive value from applied knowledge on how to deliver great service.

Contact Center


Implementation - We build your Contact Center from the scratch or handle a part/s of the full build e.g. software implementation. 

Outsourcing - We own the Contact Center and provide our services to you. 

Co-sourcing - You own the Contact Center while we operate it for you.

Advisory– We advise on how you can get the best out of your existing or prospective operations, including technology, personnel, recruitment, training, furnishing, management etc. 

Audit – We interrogate your environment and identify opportunities for continued improvement.  

Complaints Management Systems


Design – Because we realize design requirements differ but all seek to achieve the same objectives, we are able to design bespoke Complaints Management applications that address specific functional needs. 

Implementation– We are great at implementing both bespoke and off-the-shelf Complaints Management solutions, and are well capable of providing technical support, post-implementation.

Optimization – We won’t just plug-in a solution and leave, knowing the importance of the returns on your investment. So, we offer our knowledge and expertise on how best to derive value from your implementation.